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Available Office Spaces

Suite 9 is available for lease

Suite 1 & 2 - LEASED

Suite 1 & 2 is made up of two large offices, separated with double sliding doors. An open plan style makes it a comfortable space for multiple tenants, at around 30m2 each.

Suite 3 - LEASED

Approximately 7m2, this space is suitable for a single tenant.  Plenty of wall space and a large openable window creates a great space to knuckle down in.

Suite 4 - LEASED

This warm, bright and modern office is the ideal working space. Close to the modern kitchenette, bathrooms and bridge, clients are sure to be impressed.

Suite 5 - LEASED

Located 10 minutes from the city centre, the Kaikorai area is a mixture of suburban and industrial housing and businesses, an excellent location for those in operating in the property industry.

Suite 5 looks over the hustle and bustle of Kaikorai Valley Road.

Suite 6 - LEASED

Make yourself right at home in this cosy office. Secure and warm, it is sure to make for the best productive environment for one or two tenants with an area of 16m2.

Don't miss this great opportunity to close to the city centre, local businesses and clients. 


Suite 7 - LEASED

This spacious office has all you could ask for. It is perfect for soaking up the afternoon sun or simply roll down the electric blinds to retreat to a shaded haven.

Suite 8 - LEASED

As the largest office available for lease at collabHQ, two or three professionals would comfortably fit in this space. Black double-glazed windows, bright white walls and plenty of natural sunlight makes for an inviting and comfortable suite.

Suite 9 - Available

This office has a floor space of 23.4m2. Frosted interior and exterior windows provide privacy while double-glazed window keep in the warmth from the morning sun. 

Are you a professional in the housing/property market?

Do you want to be part of a revolutionary collaborative business environment?

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