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CollabHQ in the News

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11 January 2022 - Building gutted by fire now a space for housing professionals

"Called collabHQ, the building had nine offices available for lease, Mrs Elliot said.

‘‘We wanted to be a professional hub of sorts so if you needed a mortgage broker or an architect, they would all be here.

‘‘It has the same principle of a shared office space but a niche to our industry.’’

The redevelopment had taken a while because it was completed by RenoMasters in between other clients’ jobs.

Now most of the work had been completed and only a few finishing touches remained to be done, it was very exciting to see the end product, Mrs Elliot said.

‘‘It’s great to blow the building dust off and finally see it finished.’’

- Article by Riley Kennedy

4 June 2022 - Luxon settling in for his long job interview

Christopher Luxon officially opened collabHQ on June 2nd 2022. A gathering of Dunedin business personal, the opening was an excellent occasion to celebrate almost two years of collabHQ's construction. 

During the opening, Christopher Luxon spoke about property and how the government should be backing people like Andrew and Andrea Elliott

"In his speech there, Mr Luxon stressed the importance business should play in the country’s economic recovery from Covid-19, a theme he was to repeat at his major appointment, for the day, a lunchtime speech to Business South."

Article by Mike Houlahan

Christopher Luxon Opening collabHQ - Otago Daily Times, June 2022

CollabHQ Events

Business South - BA5 (FEB 2023)
The first Business South BA5 event was co-hosted by Click Property Management and RenoMasters at collabHQ. A business networking event, it was also a fantastic opportunity to give members an insight into the history of collabHQ. We had a great turn out and want to thank everyone who attended

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