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collabHQ's House Rules

Building Name:

The building shall be known as “collabHQ”


Office Purpose:
  1. All office units shall be used exclusively for office purposes for current named tenants only.

  2. All units shall not permit any unlawful act to be committed in or about the unit. And shall not be used for residential purposes.


Access and operating hours:
  1. CollabHQ building is open Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 4.30pm. The building will be locked outside of these hours however, access is available to tenants after hours with key codes and or keys provided.

  2. Keys and or codes are not to be given out to other than current names tenants.

  3. Any keys and codes provided remain the property of collabHQ and must be returned at the end of your leasing agreement.

  4. Tenant entry to the building can be accessed from the main front entrance of the collabHQ building.


Health and Safety:
  1. CollabHQ building has a strict policy of no drugs, smoking, vaping of any substances on the premises at any time.

  2. Fire exits are via the front entrance doors, workshop back door and the garage roller door on ground floor, as well as the bridge door on the top floor.

  3. Fire exits are to always remain free from obstruction.

  4. The emergency meeting place is on the grass verge area to the right of the driveway (from exiting the building).

  5. There are 5 fire extinguishers in the building, located; in reception on the wall by the front doors, on the wall next to the kitchenette in the main office on the ground floor, on the wall in the workshop by the back door, on the wall to the left at the top of the main stairs, and in the bridge on the wall next to the fuse box.

  6. Disability access to the building is via the front reception doors, plus there is a disabled bathroom and kitchen facilities also available on the ground floor.

  7. CollabHQ has 24/7 camera surveillance of the common areas.

  8. To ensure that all collabHQ users have a safe and secure working environment, you, your employees, and visitors must comply with all health and safety requirements set out by us, by law and as otherwise applicable.

  9. Each tenant is responsible for informing their visitors of the emergency exits and evacuation procedures.

  10. Participation in emergency training and evacuation drills is mandatory for all tenants, under the instructions of the building warden.


Office Space:
  1. Each tenant must take good care of all parts of the business’s shared office spaces including its equipment, fixtures, fittings, and furnishings that you use, and to tidy and clean up after yourself.

  2. Each tenant is to supply their own individual office furniture, equipment and furnishings, including any supplementary heating and or cooling equipment.

  3. Each tenant is responsible to maintain a clean office but offices will be cleaned by collabHQ’s commercial cleaner once a week which includes vacuuming, spot cleaning and emptying rubbish bins (no food scraps are permitted to be left in offices and must be disposed of appropriately). Windows, doors and heavy cleaning can be done at request and cost of the tenant.

  4. If the landlord believes a certain level of cleanliness is not maintained by any tenant, the landlord may at its sole discretion engage commercial cleaning, which will be on-charged to the tenant

  5. No tenant is allowed to place items on the window sills, affix anything to the windows, walls or any other part of the office or make alterations or additions to the office without the building owner’s prior and written consent.

  6. The tenants should see to it that their areas are free from annoying sounds, odours, and other audio-visual disturbances. Offices are to be used in a manner that will not disrupt other tenants at collabHQ.

  7. All property belonging to you or any of your employees, agents or invitees shall be at the risk of such person, and collabHQ owners/directors shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation thereof.

  8. Each tenant will be given a key to lock their office. This lock can be changed to a digital lock upon request, at the cost of the tenant, and under the condition that it meets the buildings requirements. The landlord must be given access codes to digital locks.

  1. Tenants are responsible for all insurance to cover personal contents/belongings brought into and or left in the building.


Use of Office Building and Amenities:
  1. Tenants shall not leave open (or unsecured) any; doors, outside or inside, during or after business hours, for security purposes. All fire exists and main thoroughfare areas shall always be kept free from obstructions.

  2. If a tenant is the last person to leave the building they must ensure that all lights are off and all entries/exits to the building are secure.

  3. Tenants must bring any office furniture into collabHQ through the entrance at the back of the building. No furniture is to be moved through the main reception and stairway.

  4. Areas are available for all tenant use include the; kitchen, dining, bathroom and bridge shared spaces.

  5. The downstairs meeting room may be available for reasonable and limited tenant use, upon request, and on a booking system.

  6. Basic supplies provided include; toilet paper, tea bags, instant coffee, sugar, milk only.

  7. Appliances in the kitchen are available for shared use which include the; oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, toaster, and sandwich press.

  8. The barista coffee machine is not for shared use.

  9. An alcohol and beverages in the locked bar fridges are not for shared use/consumption.

  10. Cutlery, crockery, and glassware in the communal kitchen is shared amongst all collabHQ tenants. Any of these items must not be left in offices, must be cleaned and or put in the dishwasher and put away after usage.

  11. Toilets and bathroom facilities situated on both floors of the building are for shared use. There is a disabled toilet and shower located on the ground floor.

  12. To ensure that every tenant enjoys a clean and tidy work environment, please clean up any mess you make and keep all shared areas including equipment if left clean and tidy.

  13. Cleaning equipment is available if needed.

  14. Please report any damages to or malfunctioning equipment to management immediately.

  15. You, your employees, and guests must conduct yourselves in a business-like manner; the noise level will be kept to a level as to not interfere with or annoy other customers, guests or other office tenants.

  16. Only named current tenants are permitted to use collabHQ spaces.

  17. Electricity shall be used for ordinary lighting, powering personal computers and small appliances only. Excessive use of power may be invoiced to tenants, if needed.

  18. Each tenant is responsible to park vehicles on the street. There is no tenant car parking provided on site.

IT and Technology Policy:
  1. Office leases include reasonable electricity consumption and internet. collabHQ building internet service provides tenants with an internet connection for normal business activity such as web browsing, the ability to send and receive electronic communications, access to business applications and the like. By using the internet service provided, you the tenant thereby agree to follow these house rules. Restrictions: collabHQ internet service may be used only for lawful purposes and shall not be used in connection with any criminal violations or government requirements

  2. Both personal and private use must not involve the deliberate viewing, downloading, storage or transmission of any illegal, objectionable, unacceptable, offensive material or file sharing of copyright material.

  3. Must conform with the general standards of acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

  4. Tenants are responsible for the set up and cost involved in connecting their own computers, equipment and systems to the collabHQ network through the building manager’s chosen IT provider.

  5. Tenants are prohibited from engaging in any violations of the collabHQ system or network security. collabHQ internet service may not be used in connection with attempts to violate the security of a network, service, or other system.

  6. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the basic security and virus protection for your own systems to prevent their use by others in a manner that violates the service agreement.

  7. Tenants cannot interfere or install equipment that interferes with or disrupts the functioning of collabHQ owned equipment or the equipment of other tenants. This will be considered a breach of the house rules.

  8. collabHQ take no responsibility for personal or other third-party data that belong to customers or tenants that is left on our copiers or visible on the network.

  9. collabHQ reserve the right to suspend the internet access upon notification from a recognised internet authority or ISP regarding any cyber abuse. We may disconnect your equipment and withhold services if we consider that your hardware or software is, or has become, inappropriate for connection to our network. You are responsible for your own virus or malware protection on your systems and hardware.

  10. Tenants must not create any links between collabHQ network and or any other network or telecommunications service without the landlords consent.

  11. Passwords and access codes are not to be given out to or used by anyone other than current named tenants.

  12. The landlord may revise or modify this policy at any time, with or without notice.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

Fire Safety Preparation:

Occupants of collabHQ will be trained by trial evacuations carried out every 6 months in the manner set out in the Fire and Emergency Regulations 2018. Trial evacuations and staff training for managing fires will be carried out by the Warden.

Each staff member and tenant of collabHQ are taken through the house rules and walked through where the fire exits, fire extinguishers and emergency assembly point are located in the event of a fire. collabHQ house rules also outline that emergency exits and stairways shall be kept free from obstructions at all times.

Fire Action notices are displayed at the top of the stairs on the first floor and inside the front door of ground floor reception detailing the fire evacuation procedures.


Location of fire extinguishers:

  • Ground floor reception – inside front door

  • Ground floor office – by kitchenette, bathroom

  • Ground floor workshop – by back door

  • First floor top of stairs – by fire doors

  • First floor bridge – inside door to hall


Emergency Exits:

  • Ground floor – main entrance/exit

  • Ground floor – rear exit in the workshop

  • First floor – through the bridge and down the stairs into the car park


Fire evacuation procedures for collabHQ are as follows:

If you discover a fire:

  • Warn occupants in the immediate area by yelling “Fire, fire, fire”

  • Operate the nearest fire alarm box (red box with break-glass)

    • There are four of these located throughout the building, located at the main entrance, downstairs rear exit, top of the stairs, and inside the bridge doors.

  • Evacuate the building using the safest exit

  • Call 111 and ask for Fire

  • Report to the Warden and pass on any relevant information about the fire

  • Go to the grass verge to the front right of the building

If you are warned of a fire:

  • Assist others to evacuate if required

  • Evacuate the building using the safest exit

  • Go to the grass verge at the front right of the building when exiting


When making a 111 call:

  • If possible, use a mobile phone outside of the building

  • Ask for fire

  • Provide the following information

    • Building name: collabHQ

    • Building address: 178 Kaikorai Valley Road, Kaikorai, Dunedin

    • Nearest intersection: Brockville Road and Kaikorai Valley Road traffic lights

    • The nature of the emergency e.g. alarms ringing, fire seen


General evacuation information:

collabHQ has a Fire Warden who will be responsible to physically check every room is clear.

All occupants must follow the instructions of the fire warden at all times. Instructions may be given to move directly to the assembly point on the grass verge in the front right of the building.

The warden may also instruct collabHQ occupants to provide assistance to those who require it to evacuate.


collabHQ Fire Warden

Upon hearing the alarm:

  • Put on Warden Identification (red arm band marked “Warden”)

  • Tell other occupants to evacuate the building

  • Search both floors of collabHQ to ensure that all occupants have evacuated, ensuring all rooms have been checked (including bathrooms)

  • If anyone needs assistance to evacuate, appoint people to help them evacuate as required

  • Check the alarm panel to identify the area of the fire (ground or first floor)

  • Ensuring a 111 call has been made

  • Proceed to the grass area at the front of the building to ensure that nobody reenters the building

  • Liaise with Fire and Emergency upon arrival


Providing assistance to those who require it

Staff members or visitors of collabHQ should provide assistance to those in need or if instructed by the Warden.



Special after hours procedure

In the event of a fire and activation of the fire alarms, property owner Andrew Elliott will be alerted.

If collabHQ is occupied outside of normal working hours (8:00am - 5:00pm), there may be no Wardens present so the following procedure should be followed:

Anyone discovering a fire should:

  • Warn any other occupants in the immediate area, check the floor you are on for other people

  • Activate the fire alarm box. These are located at the top of the stairs and inside the bridge door on the upper floor, and by the main doors and the rear exit downstairs.

  • Call 111 from a safe phone and ask for fire

  • Evacuate the building, assisting anyone else you see on the way

  • Go to the grass verge to the front right of collabHQ

  • Liaise with Fire and Emergency upon their arrival


Anyone hearing the fire alarm sound:

  • Check the floor you are on for other people

  • Evacuate the building, assisting anyone you see on the way

  • Go to the grass verge to the front right of collabHQ

Fire Safety
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